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fishing methods


For anglers fishing fly, a 10ft single handed or 11ft swich rod #7/8-line rating is usually enough to handle most conditions. The exception would be during high water when a 12 ft double hander would come in useful. 

Floating or intermediate fly lines are  to be used. No full sinking fly lines are permitted.


During the spring an intermediate line with about 15lb breaking strain leader and a tube fly is the most productive method for catching “springers”. Size and weight of tube varies depending on water levels, but generally nothing bigger than 1 to 1.5 inch is used.


During the summer, when fishing for grilse, a floating or intermediate line is recommended with 12lb breaking strain leader and either size 10 to 14 double or single hook flies. 

Anglers may be asked to use full floating lines in low water levels.

Spring flies (Tubes) – Cascade, Willie Gunn, Gold-Bodied Willie Gunn, Garry Dog, Park Shrimp, Posh Tosh.

Summer Flies (Doublers) – Cascade and its variants are definitely the most popular fly in the summer. Yellow Ally Shrimp, Orange Ally Shrimp, Flamethrowers, Silver Wilkinson, Willie Gunn, Gold-Bodied Willie Gunn, Green Highlander, Park Shrimp, Posh Tosh, Bann special, Foxford Shrimp,

For anglers fishing prawn (only permitted at the Falls ) an 11ft rod is preferable, the prawn is normally fished under a float at adjusted depths depending on water levels with  a single hook. All colours of prawn work – natural, purple, pink, and red; cocktails (mix of two colours) can also be productive.

Fishing Rod
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